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A product catalog is a type of marketing collateral that lists all the essential details of product which helps buyers to take purchase decision. These details include product features, descriptions, dimensions, price, weight, availability color, services of other customers, and many more.

When we thought of buying something amazon is the very first marketplace which comes to mind and our product compression is incomplete if we don’t check all the details on amazon. This is the best example of product catalog. Complete information about our product is popped out on single click.

Think about a mobile that you’ve been trying to buy amazon lists all the information that you need.

It includes the company name, model no, ram, storage, weight, how much day to deliver, customer ratings, discount and all the other details that a customer need to take a buying decision

“A product catalog is a type of marketing collateral that lists all the essential details of product which helps buyers to take purchase decision”.

Who need product Catalogues?

Every business need catalog whether it’s a B2B or B2C. There are a several user groups like sales reps, inside sales guys, buyers, store clerks, field marketers and managers. They use these catalogs from there working perspective. It serves differently for every group.

Let’s jump into the depth and understand how these groups use it.

Sales representative and inside sales team.

A sales representative having a Catalogue in hand looks much more professional than other who just gets 2 minutes of permission from their prospect and start like a parrot. On the other hand one can refer to catalog while communicating to prospect about benefits of using their product.

Store and warehouse managers.

People of this group can use it to know about the details of the inventory in their warehouse.

Field marketers

can use it while they are walking customers through demos of their products and solutions. It helps them to provide deep detailed information about their offerings.

Parties $ agencies

3rd Parties such as agencies, out partners, resellers, and value added seller use it to get information about a product and service and sharing it with end user.

Ultimate customer/buyer decision makers

They need it as reference material while comparing products of different companies and ends with a final purchase decision.

Who need product Catalogues
Product catalog design delhi india

Product Catalog Design Delhi INDIA
Freelance Product Catalogue Design Delhi, INDIA

9 reasons why you need product catalog?

To glean information

It is impossible to memorize technical information and features about products so arraigning them on a document in a usable format helps the user know about a product in details.

Minimize business cycles

It became a headache when you have to share information over email and go back and forth with customers endlessly. It needs lots of efforts, time and no positive outcome. Catalog can help you to share information digitally and can help move the deal form one state to the other. It reduces clogs within the business cycle.

Helping hand for sales reps.

Primary responsibility of a sales person is to sell. They disseminate company’s product and features to customers by collecting product data form different sources inside a business. Digital catalogs help them to share information effortlessly to their customer and generate sales. It saves their time and efforts as all the information they need is available on their fingertips.

Raise conversion bar

Product catalog helps business to raise their conversion bar. It helps sales people and customer/prospects to have contextual conversation instead of wasting time on problem and finding their solutions. When customers have all the data they want, they are very close to give approvals, making decisions and buy the products or service.

Amplify Branding

All the documents having product or service information are useful material to promote a company’s brand. Availing distinct colors, images, cartoons, font family, caricatures and call to action can enable your brand to stand apart from the rest.

Generate sales offline

Before buying a product buyers conduct proper research online and then after they buy it from online or from any mall, shops or event. So having a catalog online or offline helps customers to come to final decision. It can be on website, landing page or microsites.

Enhance user experience

When the customer have product information available in pdf format or accessible from webpage embedded with interactive images, links, reviews, price information it enhances their user experience. Especially when all information is consistent across different product categories it moves them one step closer to a purchase. Product marketers must expect buyer needs and design catalogs that match them instead of presenting general information.

Minimize Training Efforts

When in depth information of product and services is available on digital form, it reduces the need of training onboard salespeople, partners, retailers and other users.

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